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Sprint Revenge: Knockout Smash
July 22nd, 2015Game, Android, Skill, SportSrdjan 0 Comments

Sprint Revenge: Knockout Smash is an endless runner sport game for Android devices where your goal is to finish a running race by avoiding all hurdles placed around the track.

Get the Sprint Revenge on Google Play Store!

Steering Behaviors Part 1: Seek

This tutorial presents implementation of the Seek Steering Behavior in which a vehicle (seeker) moves toward a target using the seek algorithm. There is also included a free source code made in HTML5 with Phaser framework.

Pong Ball Catapult: Target Cup
February 11th, 2015Game, Android, Physics, PuzzleSrdjan 0 Comments

Pong Ball Catapult is a simple one-button shooting game for Android devices with a realistic physics addition. The main goal is to fire ping pong balls from a catapult attempting to shoot as many balls as possible into moving cocktail cups on the other side.

Get the Pong Ball Catapult on Google Play Store!

Sultan Solitaire Classic Match
May 6th, 2014Game, Android, Cards, SolitaireSrdjan 0 Comments

Surround the Sultan (king of hearts) with all his queens in this free and addictive solitaire classic card game specially designed and optimized for playing on Android devices!

Get the Sultan Solitaire on Google Play Store!

Maxi Golf – Black Hole Course
December 3rd, 2013Game, Android, Skill, SportSrdjan 0 Comments

Maxi Golf – Black Hole Course is a new sport game for Android devices. It is based on the popular golf sport but with a big twist and some very special extra features.

Get the Maxi Golf on Google Play Store!

New game released: Treasure Island Escape
April 2nd, 2013Blogging, Game ReleaseSrdjan 0 Comments

A short point-and-click adventure escape game specially designed to be dedicated to the loving memory of my mother Mirjana Susnic (1944-2012).

New game realesed: Pick Up Sticks 2 (HTML5 edition)
June 14th, 2012Blogging, Game ReleaseSrdjan 2 Comments

Now you can play my very popular Pick Up Sticks flash game in HTML5 format!

How to make Pick Up Sticks game in HTML5 with no programming skills – Part 1
December 21st, 2011HTML5, Javascript, TutorialSrdjan 0 Comments

In this tutorial series we will try to make my the most played Pick Up Sticks flash game in HTML5 with no programming skills using Scirra Construct2 programming tool.

New game released: Falling Guru
November 24th, 2011Blogging, Game ReleaseSrdjan 1 Comments

A new arcade/platformer flash game designed in an old retro style in which you have to jump over platforms and reach the bottom of the cave by falling down through it.

Flixel & Mochi game template – update
August 30th, 2011Actionscript 3, Flixel, Mochi, TutorialSrdjan 2 Comments

An update of the Flixel & Mochi game template. Source code included!

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Treasure Island Escape

Mirjana Susnic (1944-2012) A special adventure game dedicated
to the loving memory of my mother
Mirjana Susnic (1944-2012)

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