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Naval Battle
August 1st, 2016Game, HTML5, ArcadeSrdjan 0 Comments

Naval Battle is an HTML5 arcade game with a war theme in which you have to take a command over a mobile coastal tank and destroy a fleet of enemy cargo ships before they deliver ammunition and provisions to the enemy troops.

Play the Naval Battle!

Matchsticks: Endless Digit Hunter
March 26th, 2016Game, HTML5, PuzzleSrdjan 0 Comments

Matchsticks: Endless Digit Hunter is an HTML5 one-button matchstick (aka toothpick) puzzle/logic game in which your goal is to rearrange all given math equations and make them true by moving just one match.

Play the Matchsticks: Endless Digit Hunter!

What Is The Most Terrible Cover
February 11th, 2016Game, HTML5, PuzzleSrdjan 0 Comments

What Is The Most Terrible Cover is an HTML5 one-button puzzle/skill game where your goal is to go through 10 rounds guessing which of two book covers is more terrible regarding the upvotes (karma) from the TerribleCover subreddit.

Play the What Is The Most Terrible Cover!

How to create an HTML5 game in Phaser using image data scraped from Reddit JSON
December 11th, 2015Tutorial, HTML5, Javascript, Phaser, ScraperSrdjan 0 Comments

In this tutorial we will use a database of images previously scraped from a Reddit JSON document to create a simple game based on an idea of guessing which of two images has a better upvotes score (karma).

How to create an HTML5 Reddit’s Image Scraper using Phaser
December 7th, 2015Tutorial, HTML5, Javascript, Phaser, ScraperSrdjan 0 Comments

Regarding Reddit JSON API, you can get a JSON document by adding /.json to any Reddit URL. This can be used to extract various data from any subreddit. To show how to do that in HTML5 using Phaser framework, we will create a Reddit’s Image Scraper application.

Spring Basketball Arrow Target
November 4th, 2015Game, Android, Physics, SportSrdjan 0 Comments

Spring Basketball Arrow Target is a simple one-button sport game for Android devices where you are playing a mini table version of the real basketball but without almost all classic rules. All you need to do is just making accurate shots by finger tapping.

Get the Spring Basketball on Google Play Store!

Saw Wing Fighter Aircraft
October 20th, 2015Game, HTML5, ArcadeSrdjan 0 Comments

Saw Wing Fighter Aircraft is an HTML5 one-button arcade game where your goal is to destroy all enemy gas balloons using saws installed on the wings of your fighter aircraft.

Play the Saw Wing Fighter Aircraft!

Sprint Revenge: Knockout Smash
July 22nd, 2015Game, Android, Skill, SportSrdjan 0 Comments

Sprint Revenge: Knockout Smash is an endless runner sport game for Android devices where your goal is to finish a running race by avoiding all hurdles placed around the track.

Get the Sprint Revenge on Google Play Store!

Steering Behaviors Part 1: Seek

This tutorial presents implementation of the Seek Steering Behavior in which a vehicle (seeker) moves toward a target using the seek algorithm. There is also included a free source code made in HTML5 with Phaser framework.

Pong Ball Catapult: Target Cup
February 11th, 2015Game, Android, Physics, PuzzleSrdjan 0 Comments

Pong Ball Catapult is a simple one-button shooting game for Android devices with a realistic physics addition. The main goal is to fire ping pong balls from a catapult attempting to shoot as many balls as possible into moving cocktail cups on the other side.

Get the Pong Ball Catapult on Google Play Store!

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