Falling Guru


As a great falling guru your mission in this platform/arcade game should be very simple: jump over platforms and reach the bottom of the cave by falling down through it.

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Fast Flood


A puzzle skill game where you have to flood-fill an area of blocks with a replacement color to connect three or more same colored blocks.

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Group Dating


A puzzle game where you have to move a group of boys and girls through the city with cursor keys (or WASD) and try to join them so that everybody forms a romantic partnership.

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ZOO Director


A webtoy/sandbox game with non-linear gameplay where you have to build your own ZOO and become a ZOO-director.

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Fly And Die


An arcade/skill game where you have to click on planets with aliens to launch them into deep space.

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Sultan Solitaire


In this card/solitaire game you have to end the game with the Sultan (King of Hearts) surrounded by his eight Queens.

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Paint Blood


An arcade game where you have to paint walls of an invisible maze with blood of your enemies to find an exit from the maze.

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