ZOO Director

A webtoy/sandbox game with non-linear gameplay where you have to build your own ZOO and become a ZOO-director.

You are starting as a ZOO-novice who invested $1000 to buy an uncultivated land which will be later transformed to your ZOO. You can shape your ZOO in any way you want. To do that you can spend as much money as you wish.

This is a sandbox game so there is no real end of the game.
Even if you think your ZOO is finally built, you must always maintenance it to satisfy visitors of your ZOO.

Use only your mouse for any action and build the most beautiful ZOO in the world!

Good luck!

The ZOO Director is made in three weeks for the Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8.
It is nominated for the Best of Casual Gameplay 2010 in the webtoy/sandbox category by the JayIsGames game portal and won the fifth place!

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