Maxi Golf – Black Hole Course

Maxi Golf – Black Hole Course is an addictive sport game for Android devices in which a single player must hit all 10 balls scattered around a playing area into a giant black hole as fast as possible.

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The game is played on a Maxi Golf course consisting of an arranged progression of 9 holes. Each hole on the course contains the actual giant black hole and several obstacles such as bumpers, sand bunkers and water hazards.

You start a new game by choosing between 9 different holes. At the beginning of your professional Maxi Golf career you can play only the first hole! All the next holes will be automatically unlocked as you successfully progress through the course.

During the game play your first task is to find any of 10 balls scattered around the playing area by scrolling the whole terrain with your finger. When a ball is found, put your finger on it and then swipe your finger across the screen to define speed and direction of the ball.

Be careful to release the ball as soon as the shape of a swipe effect becomes yellow, otherwise you will need to retry the last shot!

You win the game if you get all 10 balls into the black hole. In that case your time will be submitted to the hall of fame and the next hole will be unlocked.







  • “The most powerful Maxi Golf game simulator in the World!” – Zerkeycode computer game magazine
  • “Makes my hair stand on every time I play it.” – Ho Ruk, the 12 year old kid with serious Maxi Golf game addiction symptoms
  • “I’m using this game to teach all my amateur players how to play Maxi Golf. It has much more impact than anything else I’m showing them!” – Zana Marie Balinjero, the professional golf coach in an Amateur Maxi Golf Club
  • “Words not required. Simply brilliant!” – Fritz K. Palac, the winner of the last World Championship in 24 hours of playing Maxi Golf
  • “The most beautiful holes on a Maxi Golf course ever. So simple really!” – Ole Trufasson, the World number one ranked Maxi Golf player
  • “It’s OK.” – Irina Punpunova, miss Maxi Golf Hostess



  • totally free full scope simulator of the Maxi Golf sport game
  • beautiful hostess
  • challenging course
  • 9 giant black holes
  • 10 ivory balls
  • X number of golfers from 3 to 100 years old
  • water hazards
  • bumpers
  • sand bunkers
  • ultra-realistic curved ball paths
  • fun swipe effects
  • a lot of ads like on real sport events



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