Pick Up Sticks – HTML5 edition

Pick Up Sticks is an addicting HTML5 puzzle/skill game where your goal is to pick up all sticks as fast as you can.





Pick up all sticks from the pile as fast as you can!

For each failed click on a stick that cannot be picked up you will get 5000 penalty points.

You can only pick up those sticks which are currently on the top of the pile.

Use your mouse or tap on a stick to pick up it!


Background Story

After long time of programming and testing, here is an HTML5 version of my very popular Pick Up Sticks game made in Flash.

The question is why so long time I needed to release this pretty simple game?

In the first order it is because this game is programmed in HTML5 and I wanted to optimized it to be playable on desktop browsers but also on various mobile devices such as iPhone and other Android smartphones. The second reason is my wish to make a completely polished game from the splash and menu screens to the gameplay.

In order to try monetizing a HTML5 game somehow, I also added several mobile ads which should be displayed on the splash and menu screens but only if you play this game on your mobile device. Otherwise, when you play this game on your desktop, there should be displayed banners with links to my own homepage instead of showing mobile ads.

The game is made by the Construct2 programming tool. As I said before, it is playable on the desktop and mobile devices (successfully tested on my iPhone4).



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