Group Dating

A puzzle game where you have to move a group of boys and girls through the city with cursor keys (or WASD) and try to join them so that everybody forms a romantic partnership.


In this game you are a boy/girl who is wasting free time on social networks during all day and night.
In fact you are looking for girl/boy dating depending on what you are (boy or girl).

Unfortunately, every your attempt is ending with a disappointing blind date.
You are always meeting new people of the same sex, or he/she is not so hot as he/she said, or he/she is so boring, or he/she has 30+ years more than you and so on.

Several years later you have 136274 virtual friends and just a few real friends in your life.

Now it’s the last time to go out from your room and call your just a few remaining friends to organize a real group dating. Depending on your skill you can choose to organize single, double, triple, quadruple or group dating. Good luck!




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