Labyrinth Solitaire

A solitaire card game in which you have to find an exit from the labyrinth by removing cards!


  • The foundations follow suit.
  • The aces ascending to kings and the kings descending to aces.
  • You can only use cards that are free either from the top or the bottom of the tableau.
  • You can only refill vacancies in the lowest row which you are actually dealing.


Continue to deal out the entire pack in successive rows, each row completely blocking the preceding one unless the removal of a card releases the one above it, or unless the removal of cards in the upper rows releases that card from above.

When the pack is exhausted and you have played all available cards, if the game has not succeeded, you have one more chance to remove any suitable card from the tableau to the foundations, taking care, of course, to remove the card which blocks those most needed.

There is no re-deal.




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