A puzzle skill game where you have to shoot a ball inside the ring and join at least three balls of the same color to eliminate them.


Shoot the balls inside the ring and destroy them by connecting three or more balls of the same color by getting them as close to each other.

To make a shot, use your mouse as follows:

  1.  Move your mouse around the current ball to select its direction.
  2.  Press the left mouse button and hold it down to define the ball power.
  3.  Release the left mouse button to shoot the ball.

The game is over when total number of balls inside the ring reaches the maximum allowed.

Depending on your playing skill you can start a less or more complex game by selecting one of the five different levels: looser, rookie, average, expert and master.


  • you get points for each succesfull connection (more balls connected – more points)
  • 2000 bonus points for level completion
  • 50 penalty points for each ball left in the ring after level completion




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