Sultan Solitaire

In this card/solitaire game you have to end the game with the Sultan (King of Hearts) surrounded by his eight Queens.


The cards in the foundation piles must be built up by suit in order.
The only card in the foundation which you cannot place other cards on is the Sultan (King of Hearts) in the center location.
Six cards from the deck are placed around the main layout to make up the reserve.

The player makes moves by clicking with the mouse, which may be:

  • Taking the top card from the face-down deck and placing it in the face-up waste pile.
  • Taking the top card from the waste and adding it to one of the foundation cards or moving it to one of the free place for reserve cards.
  • Moving a card from the reserve and adding it to one of the foundation cards.

When there are no more cards in the deck, the player may re-deal (shuffle the waste and place face-down), but only twice per game.




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