A word game where you have to score the most points by making certain combinations with five dice like in classic Yahtzee / Yamb game, but instead of rolling the dice you must create words.


Make certain scoring combinations as you should do in the Yahtzee / Yamb dice game by creating words in each of the five rows.

The length of each word is transformed to a certain face of the dice with appropriated number of points.

The Wordzee game consists of 13 rounds. At the end of each round the player selects a free scoring combination from the scorecard by clicking on it. Once a scoring combination has been used in the game, it cannot be used again.


The words are created by swapping two letters from the same row (hard mode) or from any row (easy mode).
To swap letters click on them once.

One time in each round the player can change up to two letters in each row.
To change letters double-click on them and press “Change Letters” button.




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