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Best of Casual Gameplay 2010

The ZOO Director flash game is nominated for the Best of Casual Gameplay 2010 in the webtoy/sandbox category by the JayIsGames game portal. The game is made in three weeks for the Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8 and it won the fifth place with the next score:

Theme: 4.38
Appeal: 3.10
Fun: 3.29
Composition: 2.71
Technical: 3.95
Rating: 3.43

Total (weighted avg): 3.62

The nomination

Not a lot can be said without spoiling the fun of playing Srdjan Susnic’s entry into our CGDC#8. What you should know is that ZOO Director is a truly traditional sandbox gameplay experience. Your aim is to rise above the rank of humble Zoo Novice to claim the glorious title of Zoo Director, by creating and maintaining your very own zoo. Sounds simple, but this quirky little game quickly reveals its challenges.

Find the game and vote for it here!

Play ZOO Director here!

Update on February 11, 2011

'2 Responses to “A nomination for the ZOO Director game”'
  1. The game is pretty confusing for me.. lol…

  2. Srdjan says:

    Well yes, you are right, the game is too complex. You must play it longer to discover it!

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