Treasure Island Escape – a special adventure game dedicated to my mother

Treasure Island Escape is a short point-and-click adventure escape game specially designed to be dedicated to the loving memory of my mother Mirjana Susnic who passed away on 16 October 2012, aged 69.




As the opposite side of the sorrowful background of this game, this is a funny little escape game with many humor elements, a childish graphics drawn on my own and several illogical non-sense puzzles.

Many hidden motives associated with the life of my mother are implemented in this game such as her true love for the Adriatic Sea and her native country (Dalmatia, Sibenik town, island Prvic). Furthermore, her favorite little grandchild is hidden in the game behind the name of Captain Toninjo. She has also liked fishing and boating very much.

Some of the special moments we had passed through together are also included like diving a blocked anchor to remove a boat. At the end, her laugh and fun are contained in many humor elements.



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