Polar Solar

A puzzle game where you have to push clouds so that the sun can melt all brown icebergs but in the same time all blue icebergs must be protected by clouds against melting.


Use your mouse to move the cloud-pusher around the sky and push the clouds to complete the following tasks:

  1. melt all brown icebergs by the polar sun before the sunset!
  2. protect all blue icebergs from the melting in the same time!

Press SPACE-bar to speed up the sun and earn some bonus points.

The clouds can be also stopped from moving by firing a bullet to them!
But use bullets very rationally because you have only 5 bullets per each level!

You get points proportionally to the quantity of melted brown icebergs.

The levels are gradually getting more and more complex.

The game is over when you loose all your 3 cloud-pushers.




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